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Last Updated: Jul 15, 2016 12:15PM AEST
What exactly does the REFFIND app do? REFFIND provides a quick and easy way for you to stay connected to your company. You can stay in the loop with video communications & training, have your say on important issues with pulse surveys, view and share your company’s job vacancies with your closest contacts. All this from your mobile device, so you can choose when and where to connect. We're always working on more cool functionality, so stay tuned!

Does it cost me anything to use REFFIND? No, individual users are not charged. REFFIND is a free download from the App Store or Google Play, and it’s free to sign up and use the app. Companies however, pay a monthly subscription to have their jobs listed on the app for their employees to view and refer.

How do I download the app? On your mobile phone or tablet, navigate to the App Store on an iPhone, or the Google Play store on Android and search for REFFIND. Then simply click to download the app.

Which mobile devices can I use the app on? Currently REFFIND is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS version 8.0 or later) as well as Android phones and tablets.

What jobs will I see on REFFIND? REFFIND is currently used for roles that are advertised externally on your company careers website. We'll send you jobs each day at 8am, just in time to view with your morning coffee. 

How does REFFIND determine what roles to send me each day? REFFIND has an algorithm that sends you jobs from different business areas. Based on your actions on these jobs, REFFIND learns what jobs it should serve you in future. (Hint: ensure Location Settings are turned ON so that we can serve you jobs in your local area)

Should I be referring jobs to people I know within my company? REFFIND sends you roles that are advertised externally, so you should consider your broader network outside your company for maximum results, but if you know someone within your company that would be perfect for a role you see on REFFIND, there’s no reason you can’t refer them.

When I send someone a job from REFFIND, what do they see? They’ll get a text message or email from you (sent by our system, not your phone) to let them know you saw a job within your company that you think they’d be perfect for. The message will include a link to view the job description and apply.

What personal information does REFFIND collect? Maintaining the privacy of user information is of paramount importance to us. Our Privacy Policy outlines what specific information is gathered by REFFIND and how that information is used. For more information visit our Privacy Policy.
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